Les meilleurs stickers d'animaux pour voiture : comment signaler la présence de votre compagnon à bord avec style

The best animal stickers for cars: how to signal the presence of your companion on board in style

Whether you're going for a long drive or simply want a little personal touch that reminds you of your four-legged friend, a car sticker can be the ideal solution. This is not only a way to personalize your vehicle, but also a way to draw attention to the fact that your furry friend is on board. In this article, we will highlight our specially designed sticker, "Attention, Toutou à Bord", available from Sticky Memos.

“Attention, Doggie on Board”: more than just a sticker

The “Attention Doggie on Board” sticker is not only a cute sticker, it is also a way to alert other drivers that you have a very special passenger on board. This can encourage people to drive more carefully around you and be more attentive in an emergency situation.

Why Choose Sticky Memos for Your “Attention, Doggie on Board” Sticker

Sticky Memos stands out for several reasons:

  • Quality : Our stickers are made with top quality materials, resistant to weather conditions and UV rays.

  • Personalization : You can even add your pet's name or choose from several designs and sizes to make the sticker perfectly match your vehicle.

  • Easy to apply : Sticky Memos stickers are easy to apply and remove, without leaving any residue.

Safety first

Another advantage of the “Attention, Doggie on Board” sticker is that it can have an impact on safety. By informing other drivers of your pet's presence, you can potentially prevent dangerous situations, such as sudden braking or unexpected lane changes.


A car sticker is more than just an accessory; it is an extension of your life and your personality. The Sticky Memos “Attention Doggie on Board” sticker not only adds a personal touch to your vehicle, but it can also contribute to safer, more conscious driving for you and your precious passenger.

Visit Sticky Memos today to find out how you can personalize your own “Attention, Doggie on Board” sticker and much more.

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